How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Session Leader

We welcome all applications for sessions leaders who are over the age of 18, as we would love to be able to open more session times allowing for more children to be reached. However, one must remember that as leaders, we shape these children lives and therefore we must take on and realise the responsibility that is associated with being a session leader. God uses our hands to mend their broken hearts. To mend a broken heart, it is vital to build trust between us and the children we teach and to earn that trust, the child needs to see the following from you; dependency, a joyful spirit, a patient heart and most importantly unconditional love. Remember we are the guardians God has sent these children, they look up to us and they depend on us to be there where the light is not.


We offer a special program for teens between the ages of 16-18 to volunteer as a “Runner”. A Runner is a person that will be allocated to a certain leader, to help with sessions where needed or will be used to assist anyone in need during sessions.

Sponsor a Horse

For Just R 750 a month you can sponsor one of our Fury Partners. You can either “pick your pony” or donate an amount of your choice to our “Horsey Bank” where the money will go to future horses in need of rescue or help us expand our resources so that we can help more horses in need.


We are grateful for all donations given to us.
Banking Details
Bank: ABSA
Account Type: Savings
Account Number: 928 357 0562
Branch Code: 631005

Other Ways

Lift Club – We are often looking for ways to help a lot of your kids in the transport department. Any suggestions that could help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

The MOB (Men of Building) Crew – Are you a handyman? Got some tools? Have some resources lying in your backyard that your wife has been nagging you about? We would like to start a group where men get together once a week to work on a project as well as fellowship and friendship. This is also a PERFECT opportunity for a father and son project!

The Shield of Protection – Please add us to your prayer list. We can never get enough of it! The power of prayer is incredible and knows no boundaries. Please check out our Facebook page or contact us for any ideas on how to improve iThemba Ranch

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